mini ippbx telephone system part 2

Having completed all the steps in part 1, you are now ready to use a standard internet browser to log into the incredible PBX telephone system. Simply type the IP address (as noted in part 1) of your telephone system in the web address bar of your browser and you will be presented with a gateway screen giving you access to the incredible PBX graphical user interface administration page.

mini ippbx telephone system log in













Use the tab selector bar in the lower left column to change the access type from USERS to ADMIN & the main screen will present an option to enter the telephone system administration.

mini ippbx telephone system web admin













After you have clicked on the Incredible GUI Administration box, you will be offered three options Server administration, Incredible Free Support & User Control pane. Select Server Administration & you will be asked for your username & password.

mini ippbx telephone system server administration


mini ippbx telephone system admin password























On entering the correct credentials you will have full access to your telephone system web admin dashboard page as shown below.

mini ippbx telephone system status dashboard











The system overview dashboard window should clearly indicate the current status, with ticks for Astersk, MySQL and the Web Server as well as state that no critical errors have been found. We are now ready to explore some basic telephone system principles starting with learning some of the options we have for our internal extensions. (see part 3)

If you are in the Greater Manchester area and need some help setting up your Pi telephone system then contact Peter at Burytec Telephone Engineer Manchester service.

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