Videos about Asterisk the communications platform for telephone systems


Asterisk really is an affordable, flexible, expandable, and intergratable solution for your next telephone system. As an open source solution it truly out performs many other systems on so many levels, its hard not to see the advantages. The initial development of Asterisk in 1999 is attributed to Mark Spencer, he is currently still heavily involved in its development. Its currently used throughout the world and is the core foundation of many custom built telecommunication system solutions.




The open source nature of its licensing has made it a very secure and fast evolving product, with many software & hardware developers continuously adding to its overall functionality & robustness. Asterisk really focuses on harnessing the combination of soft & hardware to offer a more affordable competitive edge, whilst naturally driving forward efficiency within almost any working environment. To learn more about why you need to consider Asterisk for your business communications solution why not do some Google searches after you have looked at some of the short videos in this article.










Powerful versatile telecommunication systems that will not cost you an arm and a leg.


Complete control with all the bells & whistles you cold ever want.

Very well supported.

Very well documented.

               Hardware independent.



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